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Today’s applications are required to be highly responsive and always online. They need to be deployed in datacenters closer to their users and can access data instantly across the globe.

Macrometa global data network (GDN) is a fully managed realtime materialzed view engine that provides access to data instantly for your Apps & APIs in a simple interface. It provides multiple services under a single interface.


Service Description
Key Value Global Key Value Store.
Dynamo Mode Global Dynamo API Compatible Database
Documents Global Document Store
Geo Spatial Geo Spatial Capabilities
Serverless Queries Serverless Query as APIs
Streams Geo-Replicated Pub-Sub Streams
Stream Processing Stateful Stream Processing
Graphs Global Graph Database
Search Geo Replicated Search


If you are new to Macrometa GDN, we strongly recommend reading Essentials of Macrometa GDN.