Macrometa Global Data Network (GDN)

Macrometa GDN provides low latency data, streams & compute layer globally for building highly responsive request-response, reactive & stream processing applications. It supports natively graphs, documents, key-value, search, streams and stream processing.

GDN Overview

Why Macrometa GDN?

Today’s apps and webservices are architected on single region / single data center backends and serve customers worldwide. The latency and data consistency challenges created by this result in poor performance, poor user experience, user frustration, lost revenues and more. Macrometa’s GDN serves data from cloud databases, data warehouses and data lakes globally in less than 10ms.

Also in today's world the developers need multiple heavyweight architectures as backend to build rich on-demand and event driven applications for their business needs. Unfortunately these architectures don't fit as well and each integration is a small project to figure out. These small projects add up very quickly. It should not be this difficult or time consuming to build applications for your business needs.

What is Macrometa GDN?

Macrometa GDN provides one engine, multiple data models & many locations. This combination allows developers to build highly responsive on-demand and event driven systems without requiring significant time and overhead.

GDN Overview

Macrometa GDN can tier, cache, update and serve hot data from your cloud database, process events/data streams in real-time, serve CRUD APIs and more from a network of more than a 100 edge locations closer to your end users and devices. Also GDN provides stateful serverless processing globally by intelligently colocating compute near data.

Next steps:

The Essentials page provide the basic concepts you will need to understand for using Macrometa GDN effectively. Then go thru the quick start section for a hands-on introduction to Macrometa GDN.

The tutorials page provides a good number of introductory and advanced usage scenarios for building highly responsive on-demand & stream processing applications using docs, graphs, geo-spatial, search, streams and stream processing functionalities.